Who has made this website?

Shree Kundkund-Kahan Digambar Jain Mumukshu Mandal Trust, Vile Parle-Santacruz has made this website.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to give information about Shree Simandharswami Digambar Jin Mandir, Vile Parle and make Mumukshu aware of Jin Dharma.

Can we download books, audio and video from the website?

Yes. You can download books, audio and video free of cost from this website.

How can I get regular updates about Mandir events?

One can get regular updates via following two paths:

  • Visit News & Events section on this website’s home page
  • Enroll to PJM Broadcast List: Save +91 96195 04576 to your smart phone as Parla Jin Mandir and send us a WhatsApp message with your Name and City

Can I virtually participate in all the Jin Mandir’s activities?

Yes, you can participate in all Jin Mandir’s activities via this website.

How can I participate in all the Jin Mandir’s activities?

One can participate in all the Jin Mandir’s activities by following steps written below:

  • Refer Swadhyay section for regular Pu. Gurudevshree’s Pravachan.
  • Follow News & Events section on Home Page and/or WhatsApp message for all the festivals and scholar’s lectures.
  • All the festivals and scholar’s lectures will be broadcasted and you can participate in it virtually from www.parlajinmandir.org Home Page.
  • If you have missed any of the lecture, then you may listen to recorded archive in Swadhyay section under Vidwan sub-section.
  • Jin Mandir hosts a number of Pathshala courses. Refer Pathshala section for more details.
  • If you have missed the majestic Panchkalyanak Pratishthha; then visit Panchkalyanak Pratishthha in Timeline section to explore details about Panchkalyanak Pratishthha.
  • Refer Festivals section for details about festivals and virtually celebrate the Festival with us.

What is the purpose of each section?

Refer following brief description of each section:

  • Home Page has Jain Calendar, Date, Tithi, Special Event Details, Live Broadcasting Link, ‘News & Events’ and Daily Mandir’s Schedule.
  • About Jainism section gives a brief introduction about Jin Dharma to the new visitor.
  • The Mandir section narrates the speciality of the Jin Mandir.
  • Timeline section briefly discusses the history of the Jin Mandir.
  • Festivals section explains briefly about the Jin Dharma’s Festivals and how they are celebrated at the Jin Mandir.
  • Swadhyay section provides details about Pu. Gurudevshree’s lectures played at the Jin Mandir. It also contains an archive of Scholar’s lectures who have visited the Jin Mandir.
  • Pathshala section informs about various classes conducted in the Jin Mandir. These classes can also be taken as e-course. Refer Pathshala section for more details.
  • Publications section has a compilation of all the literature published by us. All these literature is available at free of cost on this website.
  • Lonavala Jin Mandir section has Jin Mandir details like features, timings, address and contact details.
  • Resources section has compilation of important resources available on internet on Jainism.
  • Gallery section has various images of Jin Mandir and auspicious occasions related to Jin Mandir.

How can I help and/or support the Jin Mandir?

You can support Jin Mandir by participating in all the activities and by sharing your valuable feedback with us.