Other literature-Poojan-Vidhan / Bhakti Khand

Shree Simandharswami Digamber Jinmandir is please to present a state-of-art library and scripture distribution center. The purpose of these resources is to facilitate Atma-Sadhana of participating sadharmis. All sadharmis are encouraged and welcomed to utilize these facilities. The library has arrangements to read hardcopy and/or softcopy of following scriptures arranged systematically. You can also get all the scriptures on a pen-drive (or any other electronic storage device) from us or "Shree Kundkund-Kahan Parmarthik Trust" office. Please ensure to bring the appropriate electronic storage device with at least 16 GB storage space. Contact the Librarian for more details or for any Vitragi Jinvani that is not available in the listing. We will provide it (hardcopy or softcopy) or guide in appropriate manner.

Shashtra Name Shashtra Rachaita Tikakar
Aadhyatmik Bhajan Sangrah Sankalit -
Bhakti Bhavana Sankalit -
Bhakti Sarovar Pt. Sh. Abhay Kumarji Jain -
Adhyatam sanjeevani album - 01,02 Sankalit -
Daslakshandharm Vidhanaadi Pooja Kavi Tekchandji -
Adhyatam sanjeevani album - 03,04 Sankalit -
Gurustutiaadi Sangrah Sankalit -
Adhyatam sanjeevani album - 05 Sankalit -
Jain Poojanjali Sankalit -
Jinendra Archana Sankalit -
Jinendra Pooja Sangrah Sankalit -
Jinendra Stavan Manjari Sankalit -
Jinendra Stavanmala Sankalit -
Jinendra Stavanavali Sankalit -
Jinendra Bhajanmala Sankalit -
Kahan Bhakti Sarita Sankalit -
Adhyatam sanjeevani album - 06 Sankalit -
Mahamahotsav Geetanjali Sankalit -
Nandeeshwaraadi Jin Bhajan Poojan Sankalit -
Adhyatam sanjeevani album - 07 Sankalit -
Panch Parameshthi Poojan Vidhan Kavi Tekchandji -
Pratishthha Pushpa Sankalit -
Pratishthha Poojanjali Sankalit -
Shree Panchmeru Nandeshwar Poojan Vidhan Kavi Rajmalji Pavaiya -
Shree Panchmeru Nandeshwar Poojan Vidhan Kavi Tekchandji -
Shree Siddhachakra Mandal Vidan Kavi Santalalji -
Shree Samavasaran Stuti Pt. Sh. Himmatbhai J. Shah -
Stuti Mangal Sankalit -
Siddha Paramesthi Pooja Vidhan Kavi Tekchandji -
Suvarnapuri Teerth Poojan Vidhan Sankalit -
Trilok Akrutim Jinalay Pooja Kavi Tekchandji -
Shree Tin Chovisi Mandal Vidhan Pooja Sankalit -
Shree Samavasaran Vidhan Pooja Shree Kunvarlaljimal -
Veetrag Pooja Sangrah (Arth Sahit) Sankalit -