Other literature-Katha / Varta Khand

Shree Simandharswami Digamber Jinmandir is please to present a state-of-art library and scripture distribution center. The purpose of these resources is to facilitate Atma-Sadhana of participating sadharmis. All sadharmis are encouraged and welcomed to utilize these facilities. The library has arrangements to read hardcopy and/or softcopy of following scriptures arranged systematically. You can also get all the scriptures on a pen-drive (or any other electronic storage device) from us or "Shree Kundkund-Kahan Parmarthik Trust" office. Please ensure to bring the appropriate electronic storage device with at least 16 GB storage space. Contact Sh. Sambhav Jain (+91 83020 47216) for more details or for any Vitragi Jinvani that is not available in the listing. We will provide it (hardcopy or softcopy) or guide in appropriate manner.