2. Kahan Yuva Mandal

B. Jain Tatva Parichay - Assignments

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No. Date Subject Model Answer
1 14-11-2013 Write three points each on 4 Anuyogs.
2 21-11-2013 Write two stories in own words on Muniraj who became Sarvagya Bhagwan. Mention the references used.
3 25-11-2013 Write an essay on Sarvagya Bhagwan in own words. Mention the references used.
4 02-12-2013 Write five examples of Mudhata observed during our day to day life and classify them in Dev-Guru-Lok (Dharma) Mudhata.
5 09-12-2013 Read Tatva Abhyas na 10 benefits and describe at least 3 benefits that has helped in your life in own words.
6 16-12-2013 Write names of 15 shastras for each Anuyog.
7 23-12-2013 Describe "Namo Siddhanam" meaning in 5 types of shastra na arth karva ni paddhati.
8 06-01-2014 Write an essay on Vishwa that may discuss: 1. its creation 2. role of Sarvagya Bhagwan 3. constitution of Vishwa and 4. benefits of Vishwa's knowledge.
9 13-01-2014 Draw the shape of Vishwa (3D) with proper dimensions in as much details as possible. This assignment can be done as a project in group of 2 or 3 members.
10 20-01-2014 Write 5 examples of things and identify Dravya-Gun (Vishesh Gun)-Paryaya of the things (e.g. gold ring - Dravya: gold, Gun: touch, taste, smell, color, Pradeshatva; Paryaya: yellow, heaviness, ring shape etc.).
11 27-01-2014 Give details of Dravya present in Vishwa based on provided chart. The details include if Dravya is Chetan/Jad, Sankhaya (qnautity), Kshetra (volume in Pradesh), Kaal (Paryaya) and Bhaav (Vishesh Gun).
12 10-02-2014 Comparison of Dravya-Gun-Prayaya; Dravya-Kshetra-Kaal-Bhaav and Utapad-Vyay-Dravya based on Sh. Hemantbhai's class.
13 26-02-2014 Write difference between Samanya Gun and Vishesh Gun (atleast 5 points - kindly note down the reference) and benefits of knowing Gun.
14 17-03-2014 Write difference between Swabhav and Vibhav Paryaya (atleast 5 points - kindly note down the reference) and benefits of knowing Paryaya.
15 24-03-2014 Write definition and briefly explain Ekkshetraavgaha Sanbhandh, Nityatadatmya Sanbhandh, Avinabhavi Sanbhadh and Anityatadatmya Sanbhandh in own words. -
16 31-03-2014 Write definition of Samanya Gun and explain them in own words. -
17 02-06-2014 Prepare a chart of Pudgal Dravya na Vishesh Gun and their Paryay -
18 09-06-2014 Prepare a chart of Jeev Dravya na Vishesh Gun and their Paryay -
19 16-06-2014 Prepare a chart of Charitra Gun na Paryay and explain how a Samyak Drishti Jeev becomes Sarvagya -
20 07-07-2014 Draw Nandiswar Dweep in as much detail as possible. You may use any reference and work in a team of 2-3.
21 28-07-2014 Describe why there are only severn Prayojanbhut Tatva in own words. -
22 04-08-2014 Describe Prayojanbhut Tatva in own words and discuss the benefits of this knowledge. -
23 13-10-2014 Explain Saat Tatva Samandhi Veeparit Manayta in your own words. -